Meet Our Team

Lynsey Kmetz


Branding Stratgist

Social Media Marketer

With over twenty years of sales and marketing experience, Lynsey brings unique and forward thinking ideas to the digital marketing space. As the "left side" of White Sands Media Group, Lynsey's meticulous attention to detail and systems driven structure help small businesses grow beyond their goals.

Mike & Midge

Creative Team

Graphic Design

As the "right side" of White Sands Media Group, this father daughter duo bring fun and creativity to the digital marketing world. Skilled in graphic design, video editing, and more, these two help small businesses bring their branding to life both online and in print.



Office Doorbell

As the resident watchdog, Indi is in charge of alerting the office of every UPS delivery, visitor, or rogue butterfly. Indi knows the importance of taking breaks for snacks and the occasional belly rub.